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Learning Translations uses the latest in learning technologies and computer science to create original software for enhancing learning experiences and achievement.

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What is Optey™?
Optey is a web-based program that allows the user to view data and information from a new perspective.  Optey's intuitive software takes traditional written narrative and translates it into varying visual representations so the user can self select a display that:
  • Reinforces individual mental processing and learning
  • Enhances data analytics
  • Increases the degrees of freedom in information delivery
  • Improves neural plasticity
  • Expands individual and organizational competitive advantage                

The software system will implement all algorithms for collecting and presenting data and interface them with each other.  Components of the software system include:

  • Input component – this component will provide formats for the User to input important information regarding the files
  • Parsing component – this component will parse the input file and extract the most important information
  • Visualization component – this component converts the parsed input file into interactive visual representations of the data summaries; the visualization component will be strongly anchored in theoretical research of learning processes, in connection with research on perception and cognition of visualizations.
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