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Learning Translations uses the latest in learning technologies and computer science to create original software for enhancing learning experiences and achievement.

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Our Team

Dr. Adrian Rusu is a Professor of Computer Science.  He is the Director of Software Engineering, Graphics, and Visualization Research Group at Rowan University, and has involved over fifty students in research.  He has published in various engineering education and information visualization conferences and journals.  He received the National Academy of Engineering Center for the Advancement of Scholarship on Engineering Education New Faculty Fellow Award as well as the Rowan University Excellence in Research Award. He has established active collaborations with K-12 and the industry, and is the Director of the FAA/Rowan Air Transportation Research Laboratory.


Gary Dainton MA, is the Managing Partner at Learning Connections Resources LLc, an organization dedicated to researching learning processes and developing tools to enhance learning experiences.  He is the Co-author of the Learning Connections Inventory.  A self-administered learning assessment tool designed to reveal the simultaneous interaction of four discrete learning processes within individuals.  Four years of research into the construction of the LCI required comprehensive literature review, subject observation and interviews, development of qualitative and quantitative research paradigms, and statistical analysis.  He has directed the use of the Learning Connections Inventory in varying international populations including K-12, higher education, and corporate environments.  He has worked in conjunction with faculty at Rowan University on implementing learning related artificial intelligence processes including submitted and published peer reviewed journal articles.


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