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Learning Translations uses the latest in learning technologies and computer science to create original software for enhancing learning experiences and achievement.

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Introducing Optey

Using original algorithms and proprietary intuitive linguistic software, a web-based platform has been developed for creating multiple summaries and alternative visual representations for data analysis from uploaded written text and dialogue.  The Optey user has the capability to self-select various translations and visual representations that include:       

  • Scattagrams
  • Blueprint/Foundation Representation
  • Puzzle Representation
  • Outline Representation
  • Data Tables (% usage of concepts)
  • Concept Maps
  • Varying Graphs

In each visual representation the end user has the option of clicking on a concept and linking directly to the search functions of Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia of that concept.

From the platform the user has the capacity to download pre-approved published content, upload non-published content or dialogue for translation by the Optey program.  Once the data has been processed the user can select the representation they desire to enhance understanding and learning of the original data.

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